Monday, July 29, 2013

Karma... wake up!

"What we call Karma is not punishment as our courts understand it; it is the pressure on us, felt as pain and fear, to alter us for a good end. It is corrective, not punative. [sic] What a school this is that we're in, Claudia; we are forced to discern correctly sooner or later whether we want to or not. That's why it hurts; it isn't optional, this learning. By degrees we learn, we assimilate the truth and incorporate it permanently into us. Finally we can go back where we were. In a way, the pain is pressure to wake up. Wachet auf! Sleepers awake! Clausia, as in UBIK, we are actually dead now, and lie in graves row and row. Dreaming delusional dreams in our mass graves, these plastic apartments we live in. It is not life; life lies ahead as we recover our senses and wake up. We are doing it, though. God will never abandon us to sleep in our graves, like inert matter, like lumps. But boy, does it ever hurt sometimes. We are perpetually assisted, but we must make the choices on our own, formulate each answer for ourselves, assemble the pieces of the various puzzles correctly, in the final analysis, unaided."

Jan 7/8, 1975 Letter to Claudia Bush


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  2. Great answer for Karma. Yes sometimes it is a little birch but it will wake us up.